In less than 20 years, the LBO team at Weinberg Capital Partners has built up a solid track record of performance, in terms of both financial and non-financial results.

Approach   Building partnerships on a foundation of trust

Our main focus is on primary and majority LBOs. In the SME and mid-cap market, we target companies with enterprise values ranging from €30 million to €250 million. Our support involves partnering with management teams to identify growth drivers in order to help their companies reach their full potential. This close collaboration with the managers of our portfolio companies enables us to work together effectively toward a common goal.

Investment criteria   Creating value through in-depth customer analysis

We make every effort to gain the most comprehensive and precise understanding possible of customer habits and expectations and to help redefine commercial strategies to best meet them. In our view, customer capital is too often an untapped resource for French SMEs and mid-caps.

Investment cycle   Putting our sector-specific expertise to work for our portfolio companies

Over the years, we have developed genuine expertise in a range of sectors, which enhances our ability to act wisely and efficiently. We mainly target companies in retail and services (B2B or B2C). We focus on five drivers to speed their growth:

  • structuring of teams,
  • acquisitions,
  • digitalization,
  • internationalization,
  • ESG support.

As required, we seek out esteemed partners and co-investors active in a given sector to maximize value creation.

Key   figures

LBO team, from left to right: Philippe Klocanas, Camille Duxin, Dimitri Fotopoulos, Marie Desvignes, Paul Cordahi, Benjamin Rousseau-Calisti, Anthony Guillen and Guillaume Marquet de Vasselot.
“As a professional investor, it is important to be a driving force for transformation. We are always on hand to listen, support and propose ideas to management teams at all of our portfolio companies. This is what makes our profession so vibrant and essential.”
Philippe Klocanas – Co-founding Partner and Managing Director – LBO

ESG best practices

Our WCP#3 fund’s portfolio companies are leading the way with exemplary initiatives.
We highlight two of these companies below:
Under its label #BessonForChange, this shoe retailer brings together concrete solutions to offer fashions that are greener, more sustainable and just as beautiful as ever. The brand is also a signatory of the Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS), a multi-sector initiative aimed at improving working conditions across global supply chains.
As part of Groupe Bourdoncle’s efforts to adopt a responsible approach within its supply chain, the restaurant group has set up a digitalization process for its purchases. The new system allows for better tracking of purchase quantities for products as well as where they are purchased and at what price. It also fills the need to ensure product traceability and helps avoid waste.

In brief   Investment profile

SECTOR SPECIALIZATION Retail and services (B2B and B2C)
TARGET ENTERPRISE VALUE RANGE €50 million – €250 million
INVESTMENT TYPE Majority interest


Shared   story

Trust is key to building for the long term

Interview between Jean-Paul Roche, Chairman and CEO of Alliance Marine, and Philippe Klocanas, Co-founding Partner and Managing Director – LBO at Weinberg Capital Partners.

Patrim One


Fund: WCP#3

Vertical Sea

Engineering, consulting and project management related to energy and environmental transition issues.

Fund: WCP#3

Groupe Bourdoncle

Leader in bistronomy in France.

Fund: WCP#3


Our expertises


In less than 20 years, the LBO team has built up a solid track record of performance, in terms of both financial and non-financial results.

Real Estate

The Real Estate expertise is focused on investments in real property assets. The team draws on its in-depth local market knowledge in order to reposition and manage assets of all sizes.

Nobel – Listed compnies

Through its investments, Nobel is an actively engaged shareholder despite acquiring only minority interests, lending its support to French listed companies over the long term to help them unlock their full value potential.


The Impact team supports companies having a positive impact from an environmental and a social standpoint, but also in relation to the society at large.

Eiréné – Security and defense

Eiréné aims to support and accelerate the development of French SMEs and mid-caps companies in the strategic security and defense sector.