Our responsible approach

Our private equity and real estate activities have an important point in common: action plans are designed by taking a long-term perspective and with the aim of supporting our portfolio companies and managing our assets to achieve financial returns while promoting sustainability.

Recognition for our approach

In 2011, our company entered into a commitment to apply a responsible approach to all its activities by becoming a signatory of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Since then, the quality of our actions and the transparency of our reporting have been documented and commended through formal PRI assessments. In 2020, we were awarded the maximum score of A+ for the PRI Reporting Framework’s “Strategy and Governance” module and a score of A for its “Private Equity” module. Our approach was recognized again in 2021: Weinberg Capital Partners received four out of five stars with scores of 67/100 for the “Investment and Stewardship Policy” module and 77/100 for the “Direct – Private Equity” module.

“Acting is an inescapable imperative, and especially with regard to the environmental dimension and the energy transition. We are determined to continually step up our efforts in this area.”
Serge Weinberg – Chairman and Founder

Responsible investment as a source of innovation and opportunity

Although each company is different, we are firmly convinced that our role as a shareholder is decisive and that what matters most is being aware of short- and long-term challenges, understanding market expectations and developments, and defining new business models, not only to ensure social acceptability, but above all to have a positive impact, which involves identifying the optimum approach amid often contradictory aspirations.

This conviction also applies to our real estate investments. We work to reposition each real estate asset with the aim of obtaining the most recent and stringent environmental certifications. It is now an absolutely essential prerequisite.

Key   figures

Source: 2021 WCP#3 ESG reporting

Initiatives in 2022

The Impact team has introduced its “Impact Breakfasts”, a new meeting concept to share information across its ecosystem by organizing occasional breakfasts covering the latest developments relating to impact issues. A first meeting was held in June 2022 taking as its theme “Are economic performance and social performance compatible?”.

In June 2022, all Weinberg Capital Partners staff visited the premises of the GoodPlanet Foundation in Paris to take part in a Climate Fresk educational and collaborative workshop to raise their awareness of climate issues. Lasting an entire morning, this event helped us gain a better understanding of the challenges brought by global warming and reflect on initiatives to be put in place in our industry and in our daily lives as citizens. 

In July 2022, Weinberg Capital Partners held an event entitled “ESG Morning by WCP”, which brought together the CEOs of the LBO, Nobel and Impact portfolio companies. This training session helped identify synergies and encouraged the sharing of best practices for ESG initiatives.

History   of our ESG approach