Our responsible approach

Our private equity and real estate activities have an important point in common: action plans are designed by taking a long-term perspective and with the aim of supporting our portfolio companies and managing our assets to achieve financial returns while promoting sustainability.

Recognition for our approach

In 2011, our company entered into a commitment to apply a responsible approach to all its activities by becoming a signatory of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Since then, the quality of our actions and the transparency of our reporting have been documented and commended through formal PRI assessments. In 2020, we were awarded the maximum score of A+ for the PRI Reporting Framework’s “Strategy and Governance” module and a score of A for its “Private Equity” module. Our approach was recognized again in 2021: Weinberg Capital Partners received four out of five stars with scores of 67/100 for the “Investment and Stewardship Policy” module and 77/100 for the “Direct – Private Equity” module.

“Acting is an inescapable imperative, and especially with regard to the environmental dimension and the energy transition. We are determined to continually step up our efforts in this area.”
Serge Weinberg – Chairman and Founder

Responsible investment as a source of innovation and opportunity

Although each company is different, we are firmly convinced that our role as a shareholder is decisive and that what matters most is being aware of short- and long-term challenges, understanding market expectations and developments, and defining new business models, not only to ensure social acceptability, but above all to have a positive impact, which involves identifying the optimum approach amid often contradictory aspirations.

This conviction also applies to our real estate investments. We work to reposition each real estate asset with the aim of obtaining the most recent and stringent environmental certifications. It is now an absolutely essential prerequisite.

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Initiatives in 2023

Value sharing: committed alongside France Invest
Weinberg Capital Partners is one of the first 100 signatories of France Invest’s Value Sharing Charter. Published in the first half of 2023, this charter aims to encourage private equity and private debt organisations to set up value-sharing mechanisms and play a leading role in this area with their investments. As a signatory to this charter, we are committed to this approach for all our investments across our areas of expertise: LBO, Nobel (listed companies), Impact and Eiréné (security and defense). Together with France Invest and our colleagues of the investment industry, we firmly believe that a company’s success cannot be dissociated from the creation of value for all its stakeholders, and that this contributes to sustainable performance.

Training: climate and carbon issues, our priorities for 2023
In 2023, climate and carbon issues were at the heart of our ESG strategy. To better tackle these issues, we organized an ESG Morning around the theme “How to transform climate and carbon issues into levers for resilience?” This event brought together all of our teams, as well as the ESG managers of our investments. Thanks to the analysis and presentations from our expert panel from Carbometrix, Bpifrance and INDEFI, we were able to demystify climate and carbon issues, which are often considered complex, and to demonstrate, through various testimonials, that action is possible and can become a real lever of resilience. At the end of the morning, we were all convinced that we need to accelerate in the implementation of climate strategies, so that these subjects are increasingly at the center of our business model analysis.

All employees have access to the Climate School developed by Axa Climate. This online training platform offers a self-paced training in sustainable transition issues. Teams can increase their skills on these subjects thanks to educational videos and interactive content that can be accessed whenever they wish. The aim is for everyone to have the same level of understanding as regards to climate change and transition issues, and to be able to appropriate the examples of the proposed initiatives in their daily work.

Work-life balance: a priority
At the beginning of 2023, we formalized our remote work policy with a dedicated charter. As a result, our teams now have the option of teleworking, to offer everyone greater flexibility in the organization of their assignments. Convinced of the importance of reconciling professional and personal life, we nevertheless attach great importance to maintaining cohesion within our teams. To this end, we multiply the number of internal events that bring our staff together (team lunches, lunches for new arrivals, seminars, etc.).

History   of our ESG approach