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Our ambition is clear: to help our residents become independent and integrated into society

An interview with Cédric Weinberg, Partner & Managing Director of the Impact project, Alexandre Fedoroff, CEO of Résidis and Sabrina Nadji, Director of Résidis social impact.

Our partnership is characterised by the quality and steadfastness of our reciprocal commitment

Interview between Emmanuel Dufour, Founding Chairman of marcel&fils, and Anthony Guillen, Director – LBO at Weinberg Capital Partners.

Skillfully combining effectiveness and empathy is what sets us apart

Interview between Cyril Marlaud, CEO of REALEASE Capital, Lionel Mestre, Partner and Managing Director – Eiréné, and Benjamin Rousseau-Calisti, Senior Director – LBO at Weinberg Capital Partners.

Within our entrepreneurial ecosystems, a success story starts with intuition and a meeting of minds

Interview between François de La Villardière, Chairman of Artefact from 2018 to 2021, Guillaume de Roquemaurel, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Artefact, and Philippe de Verdalle, Partner and Managing Director – Nobel at Weinberg Capital Partners.