Our expertises


In less than 20 years, the LBO team has built up a solid track record of performance, in terms of both financial and non-financial results.

Real Estate

The Real Estate expertise is focused on investments in real property assets. The team draws on its in-depth local market knowledge in order to reposition and manage assets of all sizes.

Nobel – Listed compnies

Through its investments, Nobel is an actively engaged shareholder despite acquiring only minority interests, lending its support to French listed companies over the long term to help them unlock their full value potential.


The Impact team supports companies having a positive impact from an environmental and a social standpoint, but also in relation to the society at large.

Eiréné – Security and defense

Eiréné aims to support and accelerate the development of French SMEs and mid-caps companies in the strategic security and defense sector.

Our   vision

To build new successes alongside our partners, we have built an agile and efficient multi-expertise platform in less than twenty years. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, four areas of expertise now constitute our core business: LBO, Real Estate, Nobel, Impact and Eiréné based on a strong investment culture.

Key   figures


Shared   story

Our ambition is clear: to help our residents become independent and integrated into society

An interview with Cédric Weinberg, Partner & Managing Director of the Impact project, Alexandre Fedoroff, CEO of Résidis and Sabrina Nadji, Director of Résidis social impact.