Our vision

In less than 20 years, we have built up an agile and robust organization grounded in multiple areas of expertise to work toward new successes alongside our partners. Staffed by seasoned and multi-talented professionals, our teams are currently structured around five core capabilities – LBO, Real Estate, Nobel (listed companies), Impact and Eiréné (security and defense) – all benefiting from a strong investment culture.

We all know that success is a matter of time. It is achieved in due course and is driven by our long-term vision. In our profession, it is important to steer clear of trends and stand ready for the next upturn. This is the vision we share with our partners.
Because we are convinced that an investment can only succeed if it is built on trust, we work alongside our stakeholders every day as a true partner.
Our teams bring their full range of skills and competencies to serve our stakeholders, taking advantage of all possible synergies between the company’s areas of expertise while drawing on the resources of our network. Our profession is founded above all on human relationships between women and men working toward a common goal.

An agile and connected company grounded in multiple areas of expertise

Each new acquisition is a demonstration of our commitment. We are selective and attentive. Thanks to our market knowledge and our familiarity with our partners’ business environments, we always favor a tailor-made approach. This philosophy guides the work of our five core teams – LBO, Real Estate, Nobel (support provided to listed companies), Impact and Eiréné (support provided to SME and mid-caps specialized in security and defense) – each of which applies specific investment criteria. Our organizational structure promotes our agility and responsiveness. 

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