We dedicate our expertise, our network resources and all our energies to supporting the transformation of companies and real estate assets in keeping with our sustainability commitments.

Our responsibility is to grow the capital entrusted with us by our investors and to help our portfolio companies and assets achieve sustainable performance.To this end, we draw on all our strengths to help companies deliver impactful growth by engineering transitions in offerings, customer service processes, build-up operations, international expansion and ESG practices. For our real estate portfolio, our work centers on repositioning assets to better meet the expectations of users. Our entrepreneurial DNA inspires us to maintain a focus on helping to write beautiful human stories and achieve beautiful successes through all our investments.

We firmly believe that to significantly transform a business or an asset, it is essential to invest more than just capital. Financial means are of course necessary to drive transformation. But in our view, more than anything else, being a professional investor requires a human commitment, a relationship based on mutual trust maintained over the long term, a shared vision and execution excellence on behalf of all our stakeholders.

In this regard, the solid operational experience of our team members is a major advantage: because they have faced a wide variety of situations, sometimes even highly complex ones, over the years, they are better able to fully manage the cycle leading from the initial investment to the portfolio exit.

We are also convinced that our role as investors is decisive to lend support, through our rigorous investment approach, to companies seeking to combine profitability and sustainability. In fact, it is now widely accepted that companies making strong commitments to society and the environment are able to deliver improvements in financial performance.

Each company is different, but what matters most, for investors as well as entrepreneurs, is being aware of short- and long-term challenges, understanding market expectations and developments, and defining new business models, not only to ensure social acceptability, but above all to have a positive impact, which involves identifying the optimum approach amid often contradictory aspirations.

This is the vision we bring to bear every day with our investors and with all the entrepreneurs we meet. It is a vision that we have also adopted for our real estate investments: each and every one of our projects to reposition real estate assets is driven by respect for the environment. Our aim with each investment is to contribute to a more sustainable world.

“What matters most, for investors as well as entrepreneurs, is understanding market expectations and developments while defining new business models combining profitability and sustainability. Our role is all about knowing and anticipating expectations, the ways they are changing and their consequences.”
Serge Weinberg – Founding Chairman of Weinberg Capital Partners