In Greek mythology, Eiréné is the daughter of Zeus and Themis and embodies Peace. The Eiréné fund is in line with the historical approach of Weinberg Capital Partners in terms of ESG, security and peace being essential conditions for the development of ambitious societal and environmental policies.

Eiréné is an LBO fund which aims to take majority shareholder positions to accelerate the development of French companies in the strategic security and defense sector.

With Eiréné, our aim is to support SMEs/mid-caps that play a key role for French and European sovereignty. Being part of a French sector of excellence, these companies have strong organic growth potential both in France and abroad. Their technological and dual character (i.e. both civil and defense) allows these companies to be resilient in the face of economic cycles and to have strong restrictive market entry.

The Eiréné fund thus participates in the development of technologies and industrial know-how with high added value by relying on skilled jobs, regionally anchored, contributing positively to the trade balance and the reindustrialization of the country.

Approach   promote the creation of French and European leaders as part of ambitious external growth strategies

The security and defense sector is an industry in which France is one of the world leaders. For several years, this industry has experienced strong development on a global scale due to the increase of threats and geopolitical tensions. The French sector remains fragmented and its structuring is a major challenge in order to maintain it at the best world standards.

Eiréné therefore aims to promote the creation of French and European leaders as part of ambitious external growth strategies.

Investment criteria   priority to primary operations on growing and profitable companies

The Eiréné fund has a unique profile in France where there is no majority LBO fund dedicated to security and defense sectors. Thanks to this investment profile and a team of dedicated specialists who is fully aware of the specificities of the sector, the Eiréné fund can provide appropriate support to companies, whether for their organic growth or their external growth projects.

The companies we will support have an enterprise value of circa €30 to €100 million. We target dual companies that cover many activities: manufacturing of components, development of systems or equipment, provision of services, etc. The fund also addresses all segments of the sector: aeronautics, naval, land, space, electronics, security, cyber, etc.

Investment cycle   fostering the emergence of French and European leaders

Our team of dedicated investors with a recognized sector expertise allows us to quickly understand the strategic value of companies as well as their development potential. We generally act in the context of primary transactions and we focus on five value creation criteria:

  • structuring and development of teams;
  • support for technological development;
  • acceleration of organic growth (capacity development, strengthening of duality and internationalization);
  • external growth in France and Europe;
  • ESG support.

We regularly work with partners and co-investors in order to maximize value creation.

Key   figures

Eiréné team, from left to right: David Lebain, Maxence Kasper, Bastien Le Sagère, Marie-Astrid Bourquin, Lionel Mestre.
“The defense and security sector must be consolidated in order to accelerate the development of its SMEs and mid-caps companies. There are many opportunities for primary transactions with companies destined to become leaders in France and Europe. Eiréné aims to support these companies in their growth strategies. For this purpose, the fund will be composed of a mixed team of professionals from both investment as well as security and defense industries.”
Lionel Mestre – Partner, Managing Director of the Eiréné expertise

In brief   Investment profile

SECTOR SPECIALIZATION Security and defense
TARGET ENTREPRISE VALUE RANGE €30 million – €100 million
GEOGRAPHIC FOCUS France and Europe
INVESTMENT TYPE Majority interest