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Skillfully combining effectiveness and empathy is what sets us apart


The leading pure player in the French equipment leasing market, REALEASE Capital offers agile financing solutions for state-of-the-art technological equipment across various sectors, ranging from IT to health care, manufacturing and education. RELEASE Capital has expanded and diversified its business over the course of its nearly 40-year history and is now seeing double-digit growth. Organized on a human scale and guided by strong social, ethical and environmental values, REALEASE Capital has built up a rock-solid reputation among its clients since it was founded by maintaining a local focus, high responsiveness and exacting standards for the quality of its processes.

When we first met with the REALEASE Capital team in 2018, we immediately understood that winning new business was its senior management’s top growth priority. In this period of fundamental economic change and convinced by the relevance of the sharing economy and the opportunities it offers, powered by the shift from ownership to access, we wanted to support REALEASE Capital in its new growth phase. We therefore decided to acquire a majority stake in the company in September 2018. This was a first for REALEASE Capital, which until then had only seen minority investments by other funds.

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“It was your attachment to a partnership approach, our meeting of minds around similar values, and our shared vision of the growth strategy to be put in place that sealed the deal for me.”
Cyril Marlaud – CEO, REALEASE Capital

Crossed   viewpoints

Lionel Mestre We first met back in 2018. We had already known REALEASE Capital by reputation for a few years. And then there were three clear reasons that brought us together. It was about supporting you through a new phase of growth, while helping you successfully complete a management transition and better structure your processes.

Cyril Marlaud That’s it exactly. And as you’ve just said, supporting us. That aspect was important for me. It was the decisive factor in choosing you as a majority investor. It was a first for us, and it was your attachment to a partnership approach, our meeting of minds around similar values, and our shared vision of the growth strategy to be put in place that sealed the deal for me.

L.M. Our support was the foundation stone that needed to be laid so that the structured development plan we had in mind for the company could be implemented. Bringing in Lionel Le Camus to be your second-in-command in 2020 was the next piece. Then everything was in place.

C.M. It was no small feat, since there was a need to devise new services, continue the digital transformation of our activities, step up business development in new sectors, recruit sales representatives, train them well and retain them.

Benjamin Rousseau-Calisti It was important to move things into a higher gear. Building out the sales force was necessary. Ensuring their loyalty as well. Of course there was a focus on recruitment, but what really mattered was the pace, in order to finance the company’s growth with ongoing investments.

C.M. As was true for many companies, the health crisis and its consequences held us back in our efforts to step up our growth. But the positive and constructive nature of your feedback, like your support, never wavered. It was essential to stay on course.

B.R.C. For good reason! Digital transformation kept you working over this period to advance our shared goals for growth and development. For your sales representatives as for your clients, REALEASE Capital’s ability to maintain business continuity was primordial.

C.M. Moreover, it’s easy to see that this is the case today. Digital transformation covers our entire value chain.

B.R.C. The health crisis made one thing clear: your company’s excellent reputation is your most valuable asset. Your brand image is a powerful driver of growth. This customer capital is the fundamental source of value creation for REALEASE Capital.

C.M. We might even see it as our sole asset! And my role, among others, is to create and inspire this trust that our lenders, our suppliers and our clients must all have in us. Not to mention our investors!

B.R.C. Because you have a specific vision of your business.

L.M. And that’s especially important when you have a disruptive business model. Of course, the market is there and it is continually growing. There’s great momentum, but it’s a change of model from an economic, environmental and social point of view. And, from the very beginning, we were firm believers in this shift toward the sharing economy. That’s also why we have always supported you, without ever shying away from the truth in our communication with you.

B.R.C. What’s more, from the early winter of 2022, the company’s investments had begun to bear fruit, which was corroborated by its results.

C.M. That’s what it means to be supported. It’s something you appreciate in good times as well as bad ones. And like you said, while always speaking the truth.

L.M. That’s what sets us apart. Skillfully bringing together effectiveness and empathy. Remaining attentive to needs, without ever losing sight of our objective: helping the companies we invest in grow.