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Philippe Klocanas

Co-founder, Partner, Managing Director of LBO expertise
Member of the Management Committee and of the investment committees of the LBO, Nobel and Impact funds
" I love deals, I love the energy we put into them, the adrenaline it generates. Each case is unique, with different people to deal with, it's rewarding and stimulating! "

Paul Cordahi

"As the human element is at the heart of the success of each project, we must, as an investor, adapt to the culture of each company we support."

Marie Desvignes

Deputy Director
"In this job, the most exciting thing is the relationship of trust that you build with the management teams on a daily basis and the importance of teamwork."

Camille Duxin

Deputy Director
Member of the ESG Committee
"What I am passionate about is supporting companies and their employees in their development and innovation projects."

Dimitri Fotopoulos

Senior Director
"What is exciting is to analyse companies in depth in order to support, alongside their managers, the deployment of a strategy that is both ambitious and sustainable."