Our conviction

Companies are now forced to take into account sustainable development challenges. Their entire ecosystem pushes them there:


The most sustainable companies will also be the most successful financially.

Our investment philosophy

Support unlisted French SMEs, whose products or services have a positive impact on sustainable development issues.

5 target sectors:

  • health/well-being;
  • education/training;
  • responsible consumer goods;
  • energy and ecological transition;
  • inclusion/silver economy.

Creation of the fund in 2019, currently being invested

The 3 pilars of our approach

We are looking for PROFITABLE unlisted French SMEs and ETIs whose products or services respond to social, societal or environmental issues

Investment ticket: €4 to €15m

Active and operational support in the setup of the impact approach

Implementation of extra-financial criteria with specific, engaging and measurable goals

Differentiating elements for our companies

  • Dynamic and operational support for the sustainable transition of companies

  • WCP Institutional Network
  • WCP IMPACT DEV#1 Fund Impact Network

  • Benefit of the WCP platform

  • Committed minority investor


Télémaque Institute

Association which will benefit from part of the performance commission of the fund management team WCP IMPACT DEV#1

Support for motivated young people from modest backgrounds

Double parrainage « école-entreprise ».

1,642 Students supported
170 Colleges and high schools are sponsors of the institute
2,200 Sponsors committed since 2005
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