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Jean-Philippe Olgiati

Partner, Managing Director of Real Estate expertise
Member of the Management Committee
"I like real estate for the diversity of human relationships, for the architecture. I especially like real estate private equity for the active management."

Gad Botbol

Director of Acquisitions
Real Estate
"To understand real estate, you have to combine finance, technology, law, architecture, urban planning, and changes in society and markets."

Paul du Fraysseix

Director of Asset Management
Real Estate
Member of the ESG Committee
"Few industries offer days with such a variety of encounters: architects, bankers, investors, tenants and finally a journeyman on a building site."

Matthieu Guignard

Finance & Fund Manager
Real Estate
"In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still: real estate is the key."

Sarah Koleckar

Deputy Director of Acquisitions
Real Estate
"This is what makes our business so interesting: investing in real estate that will meet the challenges of tomorrow."