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B. Rousseau-Calisti
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    France / World
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Company overview

Sasa Industrie is a world leader in the design and manufacture of products and equipment for the professional baking, pastry and food service industries. Since 1978, the group has been known for its innovations in the area of non-stick coatings across its range of products: baking sheets, trays and racks, baking trolleys, flexible moulds and baking mats.

Its business activities are organized around two main brands :

  • Sasa, specializing in products for baking professionals (baking trays, racks sheets and mats);
  • Demarle, specializing in flexible moulds for pastry and catering professionals.

The group designs and manufactures its products at two sites in the north of France and exports them to more than 120 countries (exports account for over 55% of its sales).

Our approach

We supported the group’s transition and the strengthening of its management team following its founder’s departure. We also steered the group’s progress toward a modernized management structure and encouraged its refocus on its profitable core business. Under our guidance, a number of non-strategic sites were transferred and product flows were reorganized. Sales teams were given fresh impetus, while both inventory control and WCR management were optimized. Throughout the investment period, we paid close attention to cost reduction and the development of management tools. Sasa Demarle’s investments were focused on product innovation as well as the strengthening of its design capabilities. The group successfully developed new business activities in related product segments or through customer base expansion.