Investment year
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L. Mestre
B. Rousseau-Calisti
M. Desvignes
  • Expertise
  • Fund
    WCP#2 (majority shareholder) et WCP#3 (minority shareholder)
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    In portfolio
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    France / World
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Company overview

Résilians (formerly Vitale Assistance) is the leading independent French provider of emergency home damage repair services. Its services are provided on behalf of insurance companies. The company currently carries out more than 50,000 restoration projects each year through its network of around 40 agencies. At the time of the initial investment by Weinberg Capital Partners, Résilians was based in the west of France. Reaping the benefits of its organic growth strategy focused on expanding the range of services offered as well as new agency openings, combined with a number of pivotal acquisitions, the company has seen strong growth in its business and its profitability since its beginnings.

Our approach

Since the initial investment by Weinberg Capital Partners, Résilians has further accelerated its development, with a tripling of its revenue in four years, and is now positioned as the leading independent player in its market. Over this period, Weinberg Capital Partners has helped the company to :

  • structure its organization more effectively;
  • digitalize its offerings;
  • expand its geographic coverage through new agency openings and acquisitions;
  • reduce its carbon footprint by optimizing business travel for its staff.

In a highly fragmented environment, with clients looking for players with a nationwide presence and expertise in multiple areas, Résilians still has very strong growth potential. The home damage repair market has consistently seen double-digit organic growth unaffected by economic fluctuations, which makes it particularly attractive. The number of claims is tending to rise from year to year, driven by an ageing building stock and natural disasters that are unfortunately becoming more frequent.

Key   figures

“Insurance companies are looking to develop in-kind damage repair solutions for their policyholders to build loyalty, control costs, and ensure that repair and restoration work is carried out correctly. Thanks to our multi-expertise offering, the quality of our services and our national coverage, Résilians has become a preferred partner for insurers whose policyholders require these services.”
Alain Tanguy – Chairman and CEO of Résilians

Making a difference

With our support, Résilians has continually worked to deliver on its commitments to promote sustainability :

  • in the area of governance, with the structuring of the company’s ESG policy (creation of a quality assurance team and an ESG committee, recruitment of an ESG officer, introduction of a code of ethics and a responsible purchasing charter);
  • with respect to the environment, through the digitalization of its tools and its offerings, a comprehensive waste recycling policy and the launch of environmental reporting in 2021;
  • regarding society and the workforce, with the introduction of workforce-related reporting (human resources, safety), as well as partnerships with the French Ministry of Defence to reintegrate former soldiers into civilian life and with Les Ateliers du Bocage, a cooperative organization that supports the social integration of disadvantaged people.

ESG in focus

Partnership with Les Ateliers du Bocage
In 2021, Résilians donated some 20 items of computer equipment to the cooperative organization Les Ateliers du Bocage, which helps bring the long-term unemployed and people with disabilities back into the labour market. Their work involves collecting computer and telephone equipment, which is then sorted, packaged and directed to the appropriate recycling stream: reuse for components of the best quality and recovery for components that cannot be directly reused.
Partnership with the Pôle Mobilité Défense for the recruitment of military personnel at the end of their contract: 47 former military personnel were recruited by Résilians.