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Company overview

Acquired by its current management in 2009, the independent and entrepreneurial asset management company, Arbevel, is a reference in the European small and mid-caps.

Driven by a guiding principle centered around financial, extra-financial, and strategic analysis of companies, Arbevel defines itself as a “Research House” dedicated to asset management services. Over the past years, the company has diversified its range of products and services to offer clients open-end funds (equity, bonds and diversified), a discretionary management services, and an expertise in non-listed companies (private equity and private debt).

Our approach

As the majority shareholder, our team supports the company and its management in its development to achieve a critical size in a fragmented market. Arbevel’s ambitions align with the core expertise of Weinberg Capital Partners and translate into an acceleration of the group’s organic and external growth drivers in the medium term, to create an expanded and differentiating offering.

Key   figures

“Arbevel is a leader in its sector. Over the years, the company has positioned itself as a reference that succeeded in its diversification. We are delighted to partner with Jean-Baptiste Delabare and Sébastien Lalevée, with whom we share an entrepreneurial DNA, to continue the company’s development. We are proud to count Arbevel as the first investment of our WCP#4 fund.”
Philippe Klocanas, Co-founder, Partner, and Managing Director of LBO expertise
“We are pleased with this partnership that will allow us to contribute to the consolidation of our industry and expand our product offering.”
Jean-Baptiste Delabare, President of Arbevel
“We welcome this operation, through which we intend to make Arbevel a management platform actively contributing to the financing of entrepreneurs, drivers of growth and innovation.”
Sébastien Lalevée, CEO of Arbevel

ESG in focus

Caring to express a commitment to projects of general interest by supporting causes close to its heart, Arbevel established its endowment fund in 2021. The mission of this endowment fund revolves around two main axes:
inclusion: the endowment fund takes a special interest in individuals experiencing significant social exclusion;
education: placing a focus on empowering young people to build their future, the endowment fund prioritizes also education projects.