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Company overview

Résidis manages properties offering emergency housing for vulnerable populations. Formed through successive acquisitions, its portfolio is currently comprised of 10 apartment buildings in locations near city centres and mainly in the Greater Paris area. These buildings offer temporary housing intended for people experiencing social and financial difficulties (women raising children alone, men living on their own, migrants, asylum seekers, etc.). As a leading private operator, Résidis offers a worthy alternative to long-term social housing, providing safe, quality accommodation at an affordable price.

Our approach

Through this investment, Weinberg Capital Partners aims to support and facilitate the reintegration of vulnerable populations housed by Résidis. The means put in place to achieve this objective are threefold :

  • continuous improvement in hospitality services;
  • the development of family-friendly spaces within the apartment buildings;
  • the development of partnerships with non-profits to provide long-term assistance to residents.

Key   figures

“We aim to offer much more than just shelter to our residents. We provide best-in-class temporary housing and work as a facilitator to help our residents on the path toward social integration as part of an ambitious organization-wide impact project. To this end, Résidis works closely with French social housing operators, with the aim of promoting autonomy for tenants.”
Alexandre Fedoroff – CEO of Résidis

Making a difference

Résidis is committed to ensuring that every one of its residents is decently housed by requiring compliance with shared standards for quality services and by maintaining a safe environment at all its properties. On a day-to-day basis, it works with non-profits to make sure that its apartment buildings are integrated with the city, helping them to serve as genuine springboards in shaping their residents’ future plans. In addition, Résidis is committed to improving the environmental impact of its properties while enhancing quality of life for their residents. Local authority satisfaction is also a key priority for the organization.