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Company overview

Founded in 1986 in Alsace, Mise au Green is a unique brand with a solid reputation, initially built around a flagship product (a T-shirt embroidered with the three-cow pattern that became its logo), deep local roots in the north-east of France, and strong values associated with nature and pleasure. Today, Mise au Green is a recognized leader in men’s casual clothing, known for its authentic sportswear, combining style and functionality.

Our approach

In 2013, Weinberg Capital Partners acquired a 30% stake in Mise au Green, alongside Naxicap (10%) and the company’s two founders (30% each).

With our support, Mise au Green has strengthened its managerial structure (appointment of a CEO, a CFO and a director of human resources, in particular). The company has also accelerated its expansion, taking its network from 130 stores in 2013 to 175 today. Online sales have seen steady growth, up 5% year on year at 30 June 2022.

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Making a difference

In 2019, Mise au Green strengthened its CSR policy by launching a series of initiatives such as a more rigorous approach to the selection of suppliers (requiring the implementation of the BSCI system to monitor and assess social compliance in supply chains, etc.) and materials to improve product sustainability, reshoring production back to Europe (now accounting for more than 50%, including Turkey) and the introduction of product lines with labels for specific attributes (organic, recycled, etc.).

ESG in focus

Since the launch of the autumn/winter 2021 collections, most of the company’s polo shirts and sleeveless puffer jackets have been awarded Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® certification. Mise au Green ultimately aims to achieve this same certification for all the products in its collections.