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Company overview

Founded in 2008 by Emmanuel Dufour, marcel&fils is a chain of supermarkets specializing in organic food and non-food products (fruits and vegetables, grocery items, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, cleaning products). A regional leader in its sector in the south-east of France, marcel&fils currently has 47 stores. As a company deeply committed to organic practices, marcel&fils offers more than 8,000 items, favouring local and artisanal products, and is known for paying particular attention to product quality with an emphasis on flavour-forward choices, thus adopting a truly “gourmet organic” philosophy.

The chain sets itself apart by featuring :

  • full-service counters for baked goods, cheese and butcher-quality meats;
  • advice provided by naturopaths in every store;
  • own brands that are leaders in each department.

Our approach

As a retail chain selling gourmet organic products covering the south-east of France with a passionate and committed leader, it was clear from the start that teaming up with marcel&fils would be desirable for Weinberg Capital Partners.

With our support, marcel&fils has continued to grow, expanding its network by opening and acquiring new stores, and reaffirming its “gourmet organic” mindset. In April 2021, marcel&fils began building its own production and distribution facility to prepare specialities to be sold in its supermarkets, thus adding to its locally sourced choices. In November 2021, the company acquired the OnalaVie chain of three stores in the Haute-Savoie region. In early 2022, the chain launched its line of prepared food items created in-house at its new production and distribution centre.

Key   figures

“It is clear that Weinberg Capital Partners will be an ideal partner for us in the coming years. Its operating team brings together years of experience and rare expertise in the retail sector. I am delighted at the prospect of sharing in the great choices that await us with Weinberg Capital Partners.”
Emmanuel Dufour – Founder and President of marcel&fils

Making a difference

The company has drawn up an action plan focusing on well-being at work, reduction in energy usage, solidarity and protecting the environment.

ESG in focus

Protecting the environment through concrete actions is an area for which marcel&fils aims to further strengthen its position. The company plans to carry out preventive actions to raise awareness of environmental issues and the climate emergency as widely as possible.
All marcel&fils teams make a point of collecting and sorting waste together around their stores on a regular basis. This initiative helps build team spirit and inculcate the chain’s values while protecting the planet and its oceans.
The chain is lending its support to Alban Mauzac, a beekeeper and adventurer long associated with marcel&fils, for his expedition to the Pelagos Sanctuary with the aim of increasing public awareness about the impact of certain ways of living on the environment. Through this partnership, marcel&fils is strengthening its efforts to promote more responsible consumption habits.