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P. de Verdalle
  • Expertise
    Nobel - Listed compnies
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    France / World
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Company overview

Founded in 1998, Artefact is a global data-driven services company specializing in data consulting services, data marketing and digital marketing. Its client roster includes leading multinational companies such as L’Oréal, Carrefour, Danone and Samsung. In 2021, the group had 700 employees in 11 countries. With major brands continuing their investments in digital transformation projects and given the accelerating rise of e-commerce, Artefact is positioned as a key player in its sector owing to its pioneering expertise in driving value through artificial intelligence.

In July 2021, the Nobel team, in conjunction with the company’s management team, arranged the sale of a controlling stake in Artefact to Ardian Expansion by way of an auction process. After the completion of this transaction, Ardian Expansion acquired full control by filing a simplified cash tender offer, followed by the delisting of Artefact.

With this sale, Weinberg Capital Partners achieved a cash-on-cash multiple of 3.2 and an IRR of 34%.

Our approach

For three years, Nobel was the leading shareholder of Artefact, a specialist in data consulting services, data marketing and digital marketing with artificial intelligence expertise. Artefact’s client roster includes several major multinational companies. Its rapidly growing sector is currently experiencing a wave of consolidation. Highlights of the investment period include the merger of Artefact and NetBooster, the restructuring of the company, disposals of its loss-making subsidiaries and a full revamp of its service offerings.

Making a difference

Artefact’s CSR approach involves making data-driven opportunities more widely accessible.