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Company overview

For more than 20 years, Alliance Marine has specialized in the supply of equipment and spare parts, marketed under its own and third party brands, for the maintenance and renovation of recreational and commercial marine vessels.

Co-founded by Jean-Paul Roche in 1999, the group has completed more than 20 acquisitions that have helped it build a unique model by diversifying its products, supply chain and customer base and have given it an international presence, from the United Kingdom and Germany to Italy, Spain and Sweden. Alliance Marine now enjoys leadership positions in its main markets. In recent years, the group has continued to grow while preserving the balance that has made its model so successful, with strong exposure to the aftermarket, a diversified presence in both the recreational and commercial markets and a competitive portfolio of own brands.

Our approach

With our support, Alliance Marine has built a remarkable growth trajectory, doubling in size and becoming a leading international player. We are especially pleased to have accompanied Jean-Paul Roche and his team during this important growth phase.

Making a difference

Alliance Marine and all its companies work in the maritime sector, which makes their teams highly aware of the marine ecosystem that is part of their day-to-day existence, as a venue for sporting or leisure activities, as a place of work for commercial marine operators, or as a mission site for special forces personnel. Seas and oceans are the common denominator for the Alliance Marine group.