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Weinberg Capital Partners is committed to promoting the CSR dimension at the heart of its various businesses and to involving its employees in its approach

A holistic approach to responsible investing

We are convinced that a responsible investor approach must not only be in line with our fiduciary duty to preserve and increase the value of investors' portfolios, but must also take into account sustainability criteria in a systematic way and measure the impacts of our investments on society and the environment.

For more than 15 years, we have developed our role of investor with an increased level of requirement. Today, we are in an active engagement process based on dialogue and operational support for the companies we finance.

The launch of our impact investment fund is the result of these discussions with entrepreneurs, which led us to have a conviction: the more sustainable is a business, the better it performs.

Our approach to responsible investing is holistic. For us, environmental responsibility is not at the expense of social issues, financial performance is not opposed to extra-financial performance, regulations are a source of opportunity and improvement.


The key milestone of our commitment


Creation of the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 fund – impact fund

Obtaining the Relance label for the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 fund

Obtaining the highest score (A+) in the UN PRI


Obtaining the Happy at Work label awarded by Choose My Company


Signature of the Carbon 2020 initiative

Choice of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a reference for the different activities of the platform


Publication of the first ESG report (2016 data)

Commitment to systematically take ESG issues into account during acquisition due diligence



Definition of a responsible investment policy and establishment of an ESG Committee


Signature of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)


Our portfolio companies, committed to sustainable development

for environment

Besson Chaussures

Besson Chaussures launches a range of 100% vegan eco-designed shoes. The shoes do not contain components from animals, the polyester comes from recycled plastic bottles. The packaging is made of recycled paper, the printing uses soy ink.

for Social

Recycl-Matelas Europe

Since 2013, Recyc-Matelas Europe, the French leader in the dismantling of mattresses and the recovery of the materials resulting from them, has been a contracted integration company. The Group thus enables people who have lost employment to find a professional activity.


for Governance


Résilians, the French leader in emergency response in the context of home claims, is committed to a process of professional reintegration with the hiring in 2020 of 47 former soldiers (i.e. 5% of the company's total workforce) to give them a new career.

Key figures

100% of our portfolio companies have formalized a code of ethics/deontology.


100% of our portfolio companies follow CSR indicators

0% of our portfolio companies whose activities are exposed to coal

67% of our portfolio companies have formalized a responsible purchasing charter


Source: Weinberg Capital Partners 2021 LBO Fund


A responsible and committed investor

Weinberg Capital Partners leaders have always been very active in supporting different causes, mainly in health and education.

Institut Télémaque was chosen by the investment team of the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 Fund to be the beneficiary of part of its outperformance commission.

Télémaque is an association that supports deserving and motivated students from modest backgrounds.



Students supported since 2005


Sponsors committed since 2005


Companies and local authorities are sponsors

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