Generali Vie and Weinberg Capital Partners offer Generali Patrimoine's wealth management clients the exclusive "WCP IMPACT DEV #1" impact private equity fund

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May 25, 2021


Generali Vie and Weinberg Capital Partners offer Generali Patrimoine's wealth management clients the exclusive "WCP IMPACT DEV #1" impact private equity fund


Committed to a global CSR approach including one of the most developed SRI offer, Generali Vie proposes, through this impact private equity fund, to participate in the financing of the real economy by supporting the development of companies selected by Weinberg Capital Partners for their active contribution to societal and environmental issues. Created in 2020, the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 fund is an impact investment fund with the "Relance"(1) label, designed to support unlisted French SMEs operating in the growth markets of healthcare, education, responsible consumption and the ecological transition.

Previously reserved for institutional investors, the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 fund is now available exclusively to the wealthy clients of Generali Patrimoine partners. Access to the WCP IMPACT ASSURANCE unit-linked fund, a sub-fund of the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 fund dedicated to Generali Vie, is open until September 30, 2021(2) within Generali Vie's Espace Invest 5 and Espace Invest 4 life insurance and capitalization contracts and accredited products.



The unit-linked WCP IMPACT ASSURANCE (ISIN code: FR00140033R6) is an FPCI (Professional Private Equity Fund under French law) that provides equity support to profitable companies operating in growth markets such as healthcare, ecological transition and responsible consumption. The management team offers operational support in setting up a non-financial roadmap to better prepare companies for the changes of tomorrow. This impact dimension is strategic for companies, whatever their size or sector, as they are faced with a rapidly changing environment: new consumer demands, employees' and young people's quest for meaning, and regulatory changes that can profoundly alter business models. The fund defines with the company manager 3 to 5 impact criteria that will be measured each year by an independent third party. The management company has designed a specific reporting system to share the progress trajectories with its investors.




The fund's investment strategy is based on the management team's conviction that the most sustainable companies will perform better financially. The fund thus aims to deliver market returns on growth capital. Depending on the level of performance achieved on the impact criteria, the management team will donate part of its remuneration to Institut Télémaque, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote equal opportunities and contribute to the revival of the social elevator. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and is not constant over time.


Hugues Aubry, member of the Executive Committee of Generali France, in charge of the Savings and Asset Management market: "Committed to the revival of the French economy, we are delighted to offer the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 fund exclusively with Weinberg Capital Partners in our life insurance policies. This impact fund, which benefits from the France Relance label, has all the assets to accompany our distribution partners and their clients in search of meaning, for their investments. "

Serge Weinberg, Chairman of Weinberg Capital Partners: "We are very pleased with this exclusive agreement with Generali to offer its clients our impact investment fund. This fund is based on a classic investment approach combined with a rigorous discipline in the implementation and measurement of impact. The management team will be remunerated according to the achievement of both financial and non-financial objectives. "


(1) The "Relance" label was created on October 19, 2020 by the French Treasury's General Directorate and aims to direct French savings towards investment vehicles that support the economic recovery plan unveiled by the Government. It is awarded to funds that provide equity support to French SMEs and ETIs while respecting environmental, social and good governance criteria. (Source: Label Relance |

(2) Within the limits of the available budget.

The investment in the unit-linked products carries a risk of capital loss since their value is subject to fluctuations, both upwards and downwards, depending in particular on the evolution of the financial markets. The insurer is committed to the number of units of account and not to their value, which it does not guarantee.


About Weinberg Capital Partners

Founded in 2005, WCP is an independent investment firm historically active in the transmission capital business, which broadened its scope of intervention to real estate assets in 2008, and has been investing since 2015 in the capital of French listed SMEs/ETIs as a minority shareholder with an active, friendly and long-term approach. In 2020, WCP created the WCP IMPACT DEV#1 fund, which completes its equity investment capacity by targeting French SMEs that address sustainable development issues. With €1.3 billion in assets under management, WCP is a key player in equity financing for mid-sized companies in France. WCP has been a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2011 and received the highest rating of A+ in 2020. WCP is a member of the 2020 Climate Initiative and is actively involved in the responsible investment process.


About Generali France

Generali France is one of the leading insurers in France with revenues of €12.7 billion in 2020 and offers a complete range of insurance solutions (health, personal protection, assistance, property and liability), savings and asset management to more than 7.4 million individuals. Established in France since 1832, Generali France relies on the know-how and expertise of its 9,000 employees and its networks of sales intermediaries, agents, brokers and partners to be the partner of its customers throughout their lives. As a company committed to a global CSR approach, Generali France accompanies its customers towards a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive economy through solutions that are perfectly in line with the societal and environmental challenges of our world today.

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