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WCP is committed to promoting CSR within its various businesses and involving its employees in this effort.


In 2011, WCP and its managers pledged to take a responsible approach within the company by adopting the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Beyond the regulatory requirements, we at WCP fulfil this pledge along four lines: in our investment activities, among our investors, within the asset management company and within civil society. 

2016 marked an important phase in the overhaul of our entire ESG process with the creation of an ESG Committee whose purpose is to define our medium-term commitments and decide on resource allocation.


In our investment activities


We are convinced of the need to integrate ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) into all our investment activities. Although in our real estate activities the environment is the most important of these aspects, the fact remains that we are committed to integrating all three ESG components in order to assess not only the risks but also the opportunities they present.

We have made a commitment to integrate ESG components throughout the SME investment cycle by adapting our requirements to the company's size and sector in order to create an opportunity for exchange, which creates value.

Communicating and promoting these efforts is the next requirement for passing on best practices, convincing others of the usefulness of the approach and bringing together the initiatives, often more numerous than one might imagine, within French SMEs.


Within the financial community

WCP has been a signatory of the PRI since 2011 and our teams are committed to implementing these six principles. WCP is an active member and participates by voting in the elections to appoint new Board members and by contributing to annual reporting.

WCP has also signed the charter of the French association of investors for growth (AFIC).


Within WCP

WCP takes a proactive approach to social and environmental responsibility by focusing on three areas: the hiring policy, environmentally-friendly behaviours, well-being and teambuilding.

In terms of our hiring policy, all employees have permanent contracts. WCP's employees include people of both genders and of different profiles, faiths and nationalities. Each employee is explicitly asked to treat the group's other employees fairly and without discrimination.

Employees are encouraged to implement best practices on a daily basis through paper management, recycling, efficient energy management, the travel policy and the provision of electric bicycles.

WCP is mindful of its employees' well-being at the workplace. Several initiatives are in place to build cohesive teams: sports coaching, fresh fruit made available, free hot and cold beverages, team dinners and teambuilding activities. 



Commitment to civil society

The coherence of our approach is based on a commitment by WCP, its managers and its employees to act responsibly with respect to civil society.

Serge Weinberg is a founding member and treasurer of the ICM Brain and Spine Institute, and a private benefactor.

WCP supports Fondation Télémaque, a foundation that promotes equal opportunity and helps secondary school students from poor backgrounds move up the social ladder. Serge Weinberg is a founding member and director of Fondation Télémaque. Three WCP employees who are sympathetic to the cause of these young people sponsor secondary school students and follow their progress over several years to help them live up to their aspirations and capabilities.                                                                       

WCP also supports the Helen Keller Foundation and the Institut Baulieu.


www.institut-baulieu.org  www.hki.org




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