Cyril Julliard

Senior Advisor Fonds Hôtels Relance France - Investment Committee

Cyril Julliard joins the HOTELS RELANCE FRANCE fund team in charge of investor monitoring and investments.

Cyril was a member of the executive committee of BZW, the investment bank of the Barclays Group, for more than 10 years before co-founding ERAAM in 1998, an investment management company specialising in hedge fund selection and investment and quantitative management.

Over the last 35 years Cyril has managed large funds for international and French institutional investors through various public mandates as well. Cyril is a director of SICAVs and advises family offices on their investments.

In 2020 Cyril left ERRAM to join Jean Marc Galabert and Weinberg Capital to create the HOTELS RELANCE FRANCE fund, an unlisted investment fund that will be dedicated to the investment and operation of independent hotel businesses in France. Cyril will be in charge of the relationship between the investors and the investments of the Hotels Relance France fund with the investment committee of Weinberg Capital.


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